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          Competitive advantage Chenghai toys
          Time:2018-04-17 15:32:31    Page view (723)

          Chenghai is the Guangdong toy production enterprises are the most concentrated, the ability of independent innovation and product technology level in higher areas of Guangdong, toy exports accounted for 70% of the country, Chenghai, Guangdong Province is enterprise most toys toy production base, the existing toy enterprises more than 3300, far more than other parts of the province, which is included in the Forbes 2005" China ranks the twentieth in the list of potential 100" Audi toys company. On 2003, Chenghai won the China Light Industry Federation awarded the " China toy gifts city" title. Now Chenghai has become the country and the world the major toy production base. From our questionnaire statistical data, Chenghai in the toy industry mainly has the following several competitive advantage ( as shown in figure):

          First, the Chenghai toy production and low cost. This is the greatest competitive advantage of Chenghai toys. In the survey, 32% of the toys manufacturers think, Chenghai toy the greatest competitive advantage is low cost. Chenghai toy has a cost advantage, there are mainly three factors.

          The first is cheap labour. China is a country with a large population, cheap labor is the whole of China in the manufacturing of common and conspicuous advantage. And Guangdong has always been favored by foreign workers in the province, the province in 2005 foreign worker counts to 16000000, and is expected to be the speed of 10% every year. Chenghai make full use of the advantages of. Chenghai toy factory workers average 80% for migrant workers. Cheap labor to make the product has price advantage, formed a strong market share, it will be helpful for participating in international market competition. In recent years in Chenghai toy exports accounted for about 1/3 of total exports in the region, exports all over the world.

          Secondly, the Chenghai toy cost advantage but also from the independent management. In Chenghai, individual and private economy has been relatively active, the toy industry is private, miniaturization of the mode of development. They rely on their own funds, equipment and personnel, to complete the enterprise primitive accumulation, and gradually develop and grow. It is flexible and efficient mechanism of private enterprises, has emerged in a number of like Audi Toys Industrial Company Limited, hwtoys toys technology (Group ) Limited company, pine toy company, klidar toy factory and so on the strength of the leading enterprises. And the main production of foreign brands of large foreign investment, Hong Kong enterprises located in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other regions, Chenghai has 95% local soil is the growth of small and medium-sized private enterprises, such enterprises are easy to production management, business owner himself, management affairs, greatly reduces the level of management and management procedures, can reduce management costs, improve management efficiency and effectiveness, reduce the cost of production.

          Once again, Chenghai toy production of the" set" and a high degree of social cooperation, Chenghai is also one of the reasons the toy has a cost advantage. Nowadays, in Chenghai 400 square kilometers of area has formed a more perfect and toy industry related system, which greatly facilitate the toy manufacturers of production, reducing transportation costs, reduce the cost of production.

          In second, the Chenghai toy with high quality. In Chenghai, and the toy industry related industries supporting very complete, including mechanical, hardware, electronics, printing, packaging and other industries goods are available in all varieties., formed a complete production system, at the same time with the raw materials, accessories and spare parts, design, mold processing, product sales, land and sea and air transport and a series of professional supporting conditions the toy industry, forming the longitudinal development, thus effectively reducing the cost of production, improve the international competitiveness of enterprises, coupled with the government on the promotion and export toy quality testing strength strengthen, for example, in eastern Guangdong toy testing center in Chenghai; district government issued" Chenghai City toy products and Technology Rights Convention (for Trial Implementation )" etc. measures, ensure the Chenghai toy production quality. Due to the quality of the product advantages, Chenghai toys exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East ( Dubai) and other countries and regions, the 2005 toy exports amount to reach 12000000000 dollar, occupy the Guangdong toy industry export more than half the total, achievement strikings.

          In third, the Chenghai toy product novelty, variety, to meet the needs of the market. Chenghai toy manufacturer attaches great importance to product innovation. Chenghai Toy Association Secretary-General Cai Jiechen to accept our interview, 2006 Chenghai toy employees more than 10 people, a monthly average of about three hundred new toys available. The toy industry to obtain and carry out more than 1400 patents, registered trademarks of more than 440 pieces of toys. Toy breeds rapid replacement products to ensure the vitality of the market, make Chenghai toy has strong market competitiveness.

          Chenghai toys not only pay attention to innovation, and a wide variety of. From the past traditional styling, low-grade product development to the present fusion sound, light, electricity in one of the intelligent toys, the main varieties have been present for more than 50000. Secretary General Cai Jiechen told us, at present Chenghai toys, not only has the traditional children's toys, there are emerging in recent years, adult toys and toys for old people, the scope of the market is constantly expanding.

          In January 31, 2007, our research group visited the specializing in the production of high-end electronic mechanical toys of Chenghai pine Toys Industrial Company Limited production workshop. According to introduction, the production of toys including air three series, the ex-factory price of 500 yuan of fuel trucks, and producer price thousands of yuan of remotely piloted aircraft, remote controlled submarines, let us really feed one's sight on. Pine toy company general manager Chen Yousong said:" at present their company's high-end toys more than 95% are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other wealthy countries and regions, while mainland China present on these high-end toys are not affordable, but the potential is very great, immense." He is confident in the development prospect of Chenghai toys.

          In addition, Chenghai is a famous hometown of overseas chinese. Chenghai about 700000 travel overseas Chinese for Qiaozhu engaged in toy sales provide funds, equipment and information, greatly promote the progress of Chenghai toy industry. Guangdong Development Bank Chenghai branch president Chen Shuren in our interview, Chenghai toy manufacturers resources is very strong, the Chenghai toy industry, to the bank loan and the development of production companies proportion is small, the main reason is to get the trip overseas Chinese relatives of financial support. Chenghai is also the first Chinese toy products through matchmaking exports, particularly through Hong Kong and re-export sales to all parts of the world. In recent years, Chenghai toy export volume presents the trend of escalation, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan, South Africa, the United States and Europe more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Parts like Audi and stronger enterprises to obtain the right to import and export trade, has been in Hongkong, Southeast Asia, the United States and other places to set up offices, start-up companies, directly to enter the international market.

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